Good Neighbor Community Center  Good Neighbor Community Center | 2617 Y St. Lincoln, NE 68503 | 402.477.4173 | Designed by Tom Randa
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Good Neighbor Community Center activities during COVID-19


1.    Perishable    food     will    be    available    every    Monday    and    Wednesday    -     PICKUP    only     and    NO APPOINTMENT   NEEDED.    Just   drive   to   the   rear   of   our   building   and   you   will   see   a   garage   door (loading   dock).   If   it   is   not   open,   please   ring   the   bell   and   someone   will   help   you.   If   there   are   other people   ahead   of   you,   please   remain   in   your   car   and   pull   behind   them.   You   can   come   out   once   they leave to get your food. If you are on foot, please watch out for traffic.   2.   Pantry   food    will   be   by   APPOINTMENT   AND   PICKUP    only.   To   set   up   for   food   pickup   appointment, please   call         402.477.4173   at   9   am .   Remember   to   inform   us   of   your   diet   restrictions   when   making   an appointment. **No shopper’s choice option until it is safe to have people in the building** 3.   If   you   are   interested   in   joining   our   online   English   &   Citizenship   classes   please   call   and   ask   to   speak to Tareq Al Shareefi to be enrolled. Zoom class option available.   4. Our FoodNet hosts (Allon Chapel) are on site on SUNDAYS  from 3 PM . 5.   Monday   through   Friday   we   are   going   to   restrict   access   to   the   building   for   VOLUNTEERS    and STAFF MEMBERS ONLY . 6.   For   diapers/wipes,   please   stop   by   at   the   rear   of   the   building   for   pickup.   No   appointments   needed. All sizes are now available. 7. We will not be accepting clothes and household goods  until the risk dial is at GREEN .   8. We will not be giving out or selling any low income bus passes until further notice. 9.   For   all   other   inquiries,   please   call   us   ( 402.477.4173 )   9   am   to   12   pm   (Mon   to   Fri)   and   1   pm   to   4   pm (Mon to Thurs). Please do not leave voice messages. You can also email us at info@gncclincoln.org
Welcoming Neighbors. Supporting Stability.

Office Hours

9 am - 4 pm Monday to Thursday

9 am - 12 pm Friday

Donation Drop-off Hours

We will not be accepting donations until further notice.


Please check updates here and on our Facebook page to see when we will start accepting volunteers again. Thank you.